Wondering What Aspect Of Life Each House In Astrology Defines?… Read On To Know More!

The life of everyone is influenced by various factors. And astrology is one such field that helps psychics in predicting how the planets, stars, and celestial bodies influence our lives. Astrology covers the twelve houses each of which is believed to define one unique aspect about people, what all we encounter in our lives, and various places.

If you are curious to know about what aspects each house covers, below stated are the details for the same.


First House

The first house defines your personal brand and how you portray yourself to others. It also covers your physical appearance and how you usually approach any new thing in general.

Second House

The second house majorly covers the materialistic and the monetary aspect of your life. It includes the spiritual and the physical gifts you have along with indications of your self-worth.

Third House

The third house portrays the communication aspects of your life in terms of your day-to-day exchanges with the people in your immediate surroundings.

Fourth House

This house governs your inner self in terms of your roots, ancestry, your feelings and emotions, and the sense of security you have.

Fifth House

The fifth house becomes reflective of the inner child in you that would include playful self-expression, romance, creativity, and everything fun.

Sixth House

This house defines the day-to-day aspect of your life in terms of habits you have related to your health and mindfulness and how you deal with the problems.

Seventh House

The seventh house rules the various kinds of partnerships in life be it related to relationships like marriages etc., business partnerships, or any other kind of such unions and mediators associated with it. It also covers your response to such partnerships.

Eighth House

This house would govern all types of transformations in your life, be it literal like death or be it metaphorical like the feeling after orgasm. Thus, this house also governs sexuality, rebirth, etc. Along with transformations, it also covers the relationship you have with the money of other people.

Ninth House

This house defines your connection with spirituality and your beliefs as an individual along with anything that includes travel, cultures, commerce, foreign languages, etc.

Tenth House

All the success and related choices in terms of career and your desires would be governed by this house. Thus, it would include any type of achievement you have in life including respect and legacy


Eleventh House

The networks you build in life in terms of friends, teams, and other people in your network along with the goals you wish to achieve would be governed by this house.

Twelfth House

Karma, one of the important aspects of one’s life, is governed by this house. Apart from this, all the hidden aspects of your life in terms of your secrets, the dreams you have, your fears and nightmares, and your subconscious will also be ruled by this house.