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KLM 100 is one of the most authentic astrological websites on the Internet. We keep it real and tell it like it is. We want you to get the best astrological results to help you take control of your life. We don’t like to give you flowery words. We are serious about this field and wish to serve you well.


We provide accurate information for all zodiac signs as per our studies and research into the field.
Here are some core values that each zodiac sign shares:


People belonging to this zodiac sign are very driven and powerful. This can be both positive and negative for them in their lives.


Those who belong to this zodiac sign can be sincere, committed but also quite stubborn and terrifying. They are lovely to be around.


Geminis have two very beautiful and interesting sides to them. They are enigmatic, intelligent and they can even be quite unpredictable.


Cancers are full of nurturing energy and they are very family-oriented. Integrity in relationships is a huge thing for them.


One of the most friendly zodiac signs. They have a calm and open presence. They don’t like confrontation.They are organized and aim for only perfection.


Capricorns are sensitive, pragmatic and love to take action. They love discipline and they can be quite rigid in this aspect.


Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves. They stand out in the crowd and are natural leaders. But they are dominant and impatient.


Scorpios are well known for their immense passion and their ability to ponder deeply over things. They can also be quite mysterious and intimidating.


People of this zodiac sign are calm like a still lake and at times, they are quite difficult to define. They have an open mind and a unique sense of humor.


Virgos can either impress you with their incredible methodical attitude and precision or frustrate you with it.


Nothing lifts up your mood more than being around a Sagittarius. They are full of life, honest and positive. They can also be careless at times.


A Pisces loves to care for people and put their needs first before oneself. This selfless quality and deep sensitivity must be guarded well.


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Our astrologers bring 12 years of rich experience in astrology to the table.

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Elizabeth B. Perry

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In the digital age, access to psychic insights and guidance has become more convenient than ever before. One popular option is free psychic chat without the need for a credit card. This approach allows individuals to connect with psychics, explore their services, and seek answers to their burning questions without any financial commitment upfront. In this article, we delve into the world of free psychic chat without a credit card, examining its benefits, considerations, and how to make the most of this opportunity.

Types of Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is an attempt to source information through the heightened perception of the human senses, including sight, sound, touch, and instinct. Psychics have unnatural abilities called clairvoyance and clairsentience. Clairvoyance is the gift of vision, while clairsentience is the gift of feeling. Then there is claircognizance which is the ability to know things factually, and clairaudience, which is to hear things others can’t hear.

Psychic reading is often classified as paranormal activity, and psychics who practice the art for a living charge a fee to answer the psychic questions posed by people.  There are phone psychics and chat psychics who offer clients spiritual readings without meeting them in person.  Despite being a controversial topic, many people still believe in psychic reading free consultations.

Scientists have not been able to replicate readings successfully in a controlled lab, and so many in the scientific community do not believe in the art of psychic predictions. However, it is still a mainstay in many cultures and remains very popular. Today, it is classed as pseudoscience by academics, and people practice it because they believe that it gives them invaluable insight into the future and helps them make better decisions.

The reason why people consult psychics vary. Some seek guidance for family issues, love and relationship, finance, career, health, college grades and any other reason you can think of.  People dealing with grief after losing a loved one or battling a terrible ailment may consult a psychic medium for a psychic reading so as to know what the future holds for them.

Dealing with the skepticism

Many psychics are aware that many people aren’t convinced of the things they say, even those who seek their advice. Many consult them in desperation or out of just out of curiosity. These clients are likely leave with their original beliefs confirmed when the psychic doesn’t wish to earn their confidence. In this case, some psychics might offer a free reading to establish some level of confidence. Free psychic readings will help the customer assess the abilities of the psychic and the credibility in the information. If they’re convinced by what they’ve heard the client can proceed to pay for the next reading.

Types of Psychic Readings

All psychics aim to provide their clients with insight about life, but not all psychics operate the same way. Psychics have their different tools of trade and are gifted differently. This is why no two psychics may operate in exactly the same way. There are different types of psychic readings, and we explore them below.

Tarot Card reading

Tarots are the most common form of psychic reading. Contrary to popular opinion, psychologists who work with tarot cards cannot see the future. Rather, they use their tarot cards to identity possible outcomes in the future and interpret these outcomes. Tarot psychics select cards relevant to the person they are consulting for and provide insight to help the person make the right decisions.

Tarot psychics are very common in big cities and have been immortalized in movies for generations.


A palmist is simply a person who practices palmistry. Palmistry is the study of the palm. People who study palms believe that they contain certain information about people. Features like the color of the palm, length of the fingers, palm lines and shapes are analyzed by the palmist, and the information is used to provide insight. The practice originated from China and India several centuries ago and is one of the oldest types of psychic readings.

In the psychic community, palmists are regarded as highly gifted free spiritual readers who can determine their future and character by simply analyzing their palms. Finer details like their career path, finance, love life, health and general well-being can be decided through their palms. For most palmists, they base about 80% of their readings on the person’s right hand and the remaining 20% on their left hand.

Crystal Balls

Crystals balls were popularized in the movies and remain popular among psychics. Not all best psychics and conduct spiritual readings using balls but those who can are largely clairvoyant. By gazing intently at the ball, they can foretell the person’s future sitting in front of them by tapping into their visions. This process of seeing images and visions in a ball is called Scrying and is a practice that is as old as man.


Numerology is perhaps the oldest kind of spiritual reading ever practiced by man, and according to historic records, it was first practiced in Babylon and Egypt. Numerology is the study of numbers to reveal a person’s future. Best psychics who practice numerology believe that everything about life can be decoded using numbers from their birthdate to their birth name.  All these things have an effect on the person’s life journey.

Also called numerologists, they can interpret a person’s life accurately using basic calculations.



Astrology is perhaps the most popular form of Psychic readings, at least on the internet. Psychics who practice astrology are called astrologists who can predict the present and the future of an individual using information such as their place and time of birth as well as their date of birth. Astrologists rely on the position of the planets in the solar system to gain a clear understanding of the best times to make certain decisions that will have positive effects on the person’s life.

Online, there are vast data on astrological charts and interpretation.

Aura Reading

Aura Reading may not be as popular as others types of psychic readings on this list. It is still relevant, and some psychics practice it. This art is all about interpreting the aura around a person. Aura psychics believe that every individual has luminous radiation that surrounds them wherever they go. This type of psychic believes that they can sense a person’s aura and that, in turn, can be used to analyze and interpret who they are and what the future holds for them.


Cartomancy or card reading or playing, as many prefer to call it, is a unique art of divination. Cartomancy is basically fortune telling using a deck of cards similar to what tarot card readers use.


Then there is Cleromancy readings which is all about casting small objects on a flat surface and reading their orientation and position. There are different variations involved in Cleromancy which differ from culture to culture.


Distant Reading

A distant reader is a traveling clairvoyance psychic who can conduct psychic reading without meeting the individual in person. Distant readers are commonly found online and known as online psychics. They can connect with people over the phone, text messages, emails, chats and through any online medium.

Phone psychic reading experts were popularized in television before the explosion of the internet, and many psychics gained widespread popularity on television by hosting their own shows which callers can call in to get free psychic readings.



Lithomancy and Crystallomancy

Lithomancy and Crystallomancy is the use of gems immersed in water or tossed on a board as a means to reveal the future. The origins of this practice remain unknown, but there are different variations depending on the culture.

While Lithomancy focuses on gemstones, Crystallomancy involves staring at crystals. It is also called crystal gazing. A practitioner of Crystallomancy may stare at a crystal ball to gain insight.



Psychometry has to do with feeling and touch. A psychic that practices psychometry has to come in contact with the personal possession of an individual’s belongings in order to make contact with them and to get details about their life. Most psychometrics will ask clients to bring their most favorite belonging with them when coming for a session. The possession could be anything, but it must be something that they value a lot.  Psychometrics believe that favorite objects contain some energy of their owners, which can be used to make predictions.


Rune Reading

Just as numerology is the interpretation of numbers, Rune reading is the interpretation of numbers.  Wrote the introduction and adoption of Latin alphabets; runes were the letters used in old times. For generations, diviners used them for spiritual readings because it was believed that they held power.

In modern times, they are used along with stones or tablets cast on a mat to travel to discern the future. Runes are also used by members of occult societies, witches and diviners





There are different phone psychic readings, and every psychic operates using one or more to discern the future. There is no best method for conducting psychic readings, but each psychic operates using a set of tools that provide them and their clients with the best outcomes.

Wondering What Aspect Of Life Each House In Astrology Defines?… Read On To Know More!


The life of everyone is influenced by various factors. And astrology is one such field that helps psychics in predicting how the planets, stars, and celestial bodies influence our lives. Astrology covers the twelve houses each of which is believed to define one unique aspect about people, what all we encounter in our lives, and various places.

If you are curious to know about what aspects each house covers, below stated are the details for the same.


First House

The first house defines your personal brand and how you portray yourself to others. It also covers your physical appearance and how you usually approach any new thing in general.

Second House

The second house majorly covers the materialistic and the monetary aspect of your life. It includes the spiritual and the physical gifts you have along with indications of your self-worth.

Third House

The third house portrays the communication aspects of your life in terms of your day-to-day exchanges with the people in your immediate surroundings.

Fourth House

This house governs your inner self in terms of your roots, ancestry, your feelings and emotions, and the sense of security you have.

Fifth House

The fifth house becomes reflective of the inner child in you that would include playful self-expression, romance, creativity, and everything fun.

Sixth House

This house defines the day-to-day aspect of your life in terms of habits you have related to your health and mindfulness and how you deal with the problems.

Seventh House

The seventh house rules the various kinds of partnerships in life be it related to relationships like marriages etc., business partnerships, or any other kind of such unions and mediators associated with it. It also covers your response to such partnerships.

Eighth House

This house would govern all types of transformations in your life, be it literal like death or be it metaphorical like the feeling after orgasm. Thus, this house also governs sexuality, rebirth, etc. Along with transformations, it also covers the relationship you have with the money of other people.

Ninth House

This house defines your connection with spirituality and your beliefs as an individual along with anything that includes travel, cultures, commerce, foreign languages, etc.

Tenth House

All the success and related choices in terms of career and your desires would be governed by this house. Thus, it would include any type of achievement you have in life including respect and legacy


Eleventh House

The networks you build in life in terms of friends, teams, and other people in your network along with the goals you wish to achieve would be governed by this house.

Twelfth House

Karma, one of the important aspects of one’s life, is governed by this house. Apart from this, all the hidden aspects of your life in terms of your secrets, the dreams you have, your fears and nightmares, and your subconscious will also be ruled by this house.